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In our place one can :
  • get to know computers;
  • learn to use a considerable number of programs on a computer;
  • attend lectures and seminars on issues like : Hellas (Greece), Computer (PC), Internet, Education, Europe, Youth;
  • read all kinds of books related to new technologies, education, youth, etc;
  • use our hardware and software equipment so as to operate it effectively while working on new and interesting projects.
Up to now our work concerns presentations by means of Webpages, publishing of leaflets, participation in European Programmes as well as lectures on topics, such as:Culture, Internet, Education and Youth.

A) Since 1995, we have supported and enriched the first Hellenic Educational Websites under the name «PEDIA» ( www.pedia.gr) in our main Site, which has won the honours mentioned below:


We have got mirror sites in:

Pedia (www.pedia.gr) offers her visitors: Full description of the Hellenic Educational System, from the kindergarten to University and a historical reference relevant to  it, which covers the period starting out with Ancient Greece and stretching out to this day.

The « Galaxy of Tests », an area which both parents and children may visit daily and try to answer the question of the day or the week.
A communication link between teachers on a world-wide scale by means of our message board and the short advertisements dispatched to « Pedia» from schools. Educational games intended for all visitors, regardless of age.

« The Teacher’s Corner ». In this area, all people participating in Education, that is, students, teachers, professors, school advisors may exchange ideas, opinions and knowledge. A great collection, which counts more than 9,000 addresses, of educational and other useful pages including Museums, Libraries, Radio and T.V stations, Search Engines, etc.

The correspondence list of « Pedia », which constitutes the mail communication vehicle between teachers and other individuals profoundly interested in the Hellenic Education.

B) Our new site, which bears the name « School » (www.school.gr)
It is the most complete list of schools, domestic and abroad, (it counts up to 17,000 schools divided in educational levels) to be found in the Internet, which is constantly enriched. It offers everyone the possibility to add his/ her School and have a little Homepage in the Internet. Students can take part in its competitions and reveal their talents in individual or group activities.
Every month a School Homepage is chosen, which - in our opinion - distinguishes from the rest and is awarded a prize.

C) We are working on these sites :
D) The Prefect of Pireas entrusted us with the task to realize the programme « Networking the Schools of Pireas through the Internet» (Terrestrial and Insular districts of the Prefecture, www.pedia.gr/piraeus).

E) We made a Web- Page about www.pireas.com, which is a complete Information Guide for our City. Here you find all necessary Information, Museums, Sights, History, Accommodation and many more. Right now we are working on a new Layout and more Information which will be published soon.

F) We participate in European Programs:

a) A « Multimedia camping ». Its subject is « Different Cultures, Same Europe » aiming at the exchange of knowledge and opinions between young people from 10 countries over topics, such as: Internet, T.V, Video, Press. Each of these countries will participate with 8 young men or women. Multimedia Crossroad took part in summer 2001 on the Island of Chios.

b) We have taken over the Hellenic version of the program « Contact 2103 » (www.contact2103.org).

c) We construct the main message board, in which announcements are to be found, related to the supply and demand of partners world-wide, for all the European Program.( www.participating.net)

d) We organized a Youth exchange in the summer 2002 in Athens about the Olympic Games. 70 young people from 13 different countries of Europe came together and create in 9 days a Web- Page.

e) We create the Web-Page www.4youth.info, its a complete guide for the European Program "Youth"

f) We participating in all kind of Youth exchanges, Youth Initiatives and Contact making seminars all around Europe like in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Poland, England, Belgium, France and many more.

g) We participating in the European Program Leonardo with is a multilateral Project with many countries of Europe.

Our Pages are visited by 6000 people throughout the world daily, that is 180,000 visits a month.


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About us

Experimental TES is a non-governmental organisation situated in the greek island of Chios.
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