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The “Technology Education Sports” organisation cultivates and advances new technologies and works on their joining with the Hellenic Educational System and Culture. It also exploits Internet’s capabilities on educational, cultural and youth issues. It helps teachers and students to understand how to use computers and Educational programs effectively.


It arranges lectures on social and educational matters and constructs and maintains WebPages. It deals with the development of programs in an educational, cultural and scientific level and provides the means for networking and communication of Educational organizations, teachers, students and young people with the help of www or future technologies. It has contacts and supports Educational, Youth and Cultural project in many areas of Greece.

“Technology Education Sports” organisation is situated in Vrontados area, in Homeroupolis Chios Island.

Chios Island is the fifth in size Island of Greece with more than 55.000 inhabitants.
Chios is located at the East Aegean sea. Homeroupolis is the biggest municipality of the island. Vrontados is the biggest city after Chios town, with population more than 6.000 people.

In this area live many people with fewer opportunities, unemployed, emigrants and youngsters from families with many children.

The "Walkabout Computers" 2003-GR-11, “Chios Adventure” 2004-GR-14, "Computer Adventure" 2004-GR-15 projects focus are on helping the young people who live those areas, to work with New Technologies and get information about many subjects.

The European volunteers, under the guidance and help of TES’s people, will work together with our youngsters, and they will help them to get in touch with the European Dimension and New Technologies and to inform them about how to search for new possibilities in the field of Education, Employment, Entertainment, etc.

They will help our people to inform the young Greek people, especially the people with less opportunities (we have many emigrants, unemployed and families with many children), about all the actions of the “Youth” Program. The volunteers will help the young people in Piraeus city to open new horizons. It is really important for the youngsters who live in a place like Piraeus (The biggest port in Greece), to have information about the opportunities they have, to open discussions about this and help them.

The Young Voluntary workers undertake to participate voluntarily in an active citizen and informative experience with the aim of acquiring social, intercultural and personal skills, enabling them to lay the foundation for their own future and at the same contribute to the well being of the community.

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Experimental TES is a non-governmental organisation situated in the greek island of Chios.
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